Can You Get 24 Hour Auto Title Loans?

Can You Get 24 Hour Auto Title Loans?

All over the Internet and even sometimes on television or radio commercials you’ll hear the phrase, “Get a title loan in 24 hours!”  The questions that need to be asked, however, are: First, is it possible to get a an auto title loan within 24 hours? And secondly, if it is a good idea, what do you actually end up getting?

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First, The Net Lender  provides loans for vehicle owners. The maximum amount tend to depend on the type of car you own and how much equity is in it.  So, now that an auto title loan has been defined we can discuss how long it can take and what some of the conditions are when getting a pink slip or vehicle collateral loan.

24 Hour Title Loans – Are They Even Possible?

The first thing an individual should do is to have the following information ready:

  • Year of the vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Trim
  • Other specific options

If you have an older car and want to get a title loan  you should read our post regarding title loans for vehicle 10 years or older.

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Can you get a title loan in 24 hours?

The person who takes your call is going to ask these types of questions:

  • Do you have income of at least $1,200 a month that is verifiable?
  • What is your credit score?
  • What type of insurance do you have on your vehicle? – Lenders are going to want to make sure that your vehicle has full coverage that way if it has a wreck their financial interest in the loan they made to you is protected.
  • Is the vehicle in good condition, or does it have a salvage title?
  • Do you have personal references?
  • Can you provide professional references?
  • Do you have documentation on the vehicle – like recent smog tests and photos of the car?
  • Do you have proof that you are the sole lien holder?

Once you get this information to our loan representative, you can then proceed to become pre-qualified for a car title loan.  You’ve seen advertisements on how to get a title loan in 10 or 15 minutes so be sure to read up on those.

Now, as long as you get the required paperwork and documentation–these are called “stips,” to the lender you can actually get an auto title loan within 24 hours.  The lender who you work with may be very busy, or it may be slow, but the process moves only as fast as you will allow it to move.

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