Location Area Scouts Needed for Online Business

We are always looking for quality and professional Location Scouts.
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Your Tasks For This Job Are Easy

step 1

Research Cities We Agree On

We will give you a list of cities to target.

step 2

Contact friends/family/business owners

We will have you speak to people you know in these cities about using their geogrpahic footprint.

step 3

Email us information

Once they agree to things we will have you send us the information and we will send out the paperwork. Once they receive the appropriate info and send it to you and then to us you all get paid!

Who Can Apply to Become a Location AGent.

The TNL Area Scout Program is great for people who want to work part time. You will be an INDEPENDENT contractor. This is not a W2 job, this is a 1099 job. You will have explicit instructions on what and how to do your tasks.

This is great for someone to earn part-time cash who is qualified with using a phone, can communicate well, and may be available for future responsibilities.
Fast Payments

Payments are sent after you get an area done.

Nationwide Coverage

We have coast to coast coverage nationwide

Help & Support

We will provide target cities for you to go to.

Fast & Simple


Compelling commissions

$75-100 per location

It's Easy

If you qualify we will hold your hand through the process.

Seamless technology

We will have a video that teaches you everything.

Dedicated Support

We will help you every step of the way.

Quality Reputation

Industry leader and A+ BBB rating

Ready to start?

Apply with us to get started to get your location setup as an area scout.

Do you like to get out of the office or house and be active? This independent contractor position may be perfect for you.

We are a nationwide online lender and are expending our presence in the many areas and the cities in many states above 40k in population. We are looking for an individual who can survey the areas and position our company presence by talking to individuals in certain cities. You will have precise step-by-step instructions and a tracking log on what to do with an example video of everything.


Equipment needed:

Reliable transportation (preferably a late model car)
Clean inside the front of the vehicle
Clean outside the exterior of vehicle
A laptop
A late model iPhone/Android
A mailing address to receive physical items from us

Personal skills needed:

Ability to follow directions
Ability to use iPhone/Android
Ability to communicate via email/google docs/dropbox/phone calls/text

Fill out the application on this page.

We will then have a short phone interview to make sure you qualify and understand the requirements. We need likely 3 people in most metro areas. If you are seeing this craigslist ad then your state is open!

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