An Alternative to Traditional Bank Loans

An Alternative to Traditional Bank Loans

Ask any U.S. citizen what they think of the bank lending process and they will most likely say that seeking and getting a loan approved by the banker is an uphill task. Many don’t realize what their options are when it comes to an alternative to traditional bank loans. Unfortunately, that is not far from the truth. Bankers have made it a habit to weed out riskier borrowers with flawed credit backgrounds.

Because they are believed to be a risk, bankers either reject the loan request or hike the interest rate making repayments stiffer for such customers. Bank loans aren’t typically a loan that people relate to as fast or hassle-free.

However, The Net Lender offers a way for anyone to choose the best alternative to traditional bank loans by choosing our car title loans.

Cash for Your Car’s Equity

Car title loans can offer the cash you need based solely on the equity of your vehicle, and requires no other security for approving loans. We will conduct an evaluation of the vehicle and determine a loan amount that fits your requirements.

Usually the actual loan amount ends up being only a fraction of the collateral’s actual value. If you have taken care of your car or it’s fairly new and has decent mileage you stand to benefit by a reasonable loan amount that could be as high as $15,000. Who would have known that this simple alternative to traditional bank loans could also help you receive more money?

Easy Application and Loan Process

Applying for our car title loans is a cinch. You can visit our nearest location to you, apply right online or give us a call at (888) 663-7074. You will need to gather up the necessary documents including proof of income, proof of auto insurance, your car title, a valid ID, and of course, your car. The faster you get the necessary paperwork to us the faster we can process your loan and have the money in your hands.

The speed involved in processing and approving car titles for cash here at The Net Lender is our greatest features. It’s also the kind of speed that satisfies your quest for cash in a full blown emergency. You can tackle any kind of emergency with this money.

It could be the education expenses of your kid or a mortgage payment that fell into arrears or anything similar. You can even use the loan to fund a much delayed vacation or choose to use it for consolidating your credit card balances.

Advantages of Choosing This Alternative to Traditional Bank Loans

Positive aspects of obtaining an auto title loan as an alternative to traditional bank loans include the lower rates of interest and favorable repayment plans. Both of these factors make a car equity loan one of the most affordable and customer friendly loans available.

Consider the alternative – a pay day loan that charges 400% APR interest or a bank loan that recovers hefty fees and interest over a five year repayment period…you will realize that an auto title loan has no competition. What makes car title loans even more attractive is their constant availability.

If you need cash now don’t delay and get in touch with our title loan experts by calling (888) 663-7074 today! You can also apply online if you’re ready to see if you qualify for an auto title loan; we look forward to helping you!

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