Anaheim California: Did you know?

Anaheim, California is located in Orange, County California.  The population of Anaheim is approximately 346,000 making it a large city in California, and the largest city in Orange County, California.  Of course, you should know in advance that living in orange county, California or anywhere in Anaheim is expensive.  So, if you need money in Anaheim click on the link to find out more.

Here are some things about Anaheim that, if you’ve never been there before, you might not know:

  • Disney Land Park, originally Disney Land, was built in Anaheim, California in July 17th, 1955.
  • The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (now called The Los Angeles Angels) are located in Anaheim
  • The Anaheim Ducks are located in Anaheim, California
  • The Los Angeles Rams actually played in Anaheim Stadium from 1980 through 1994 before they relocated to St. Louis
  • Anaheim was actually started by a small colony of 50 German families that began in 1876.  Of course World War II was not kind to these families, and they tried to limit their traditions so they would not come across as Nazi sympathizers.
  • The name Anaheim is the combination of “Ana” which is the closest river…the Santa Ana River, and Heim..which means home in German.
  • Every year Anaheim holds a parade in Anaheim for Halloween, and it is considered one of the largest parades in the United States.  In fact, Babe Ruth, a famous baseball player was in the parade.
  • There was a fire in 1982, called the Palm Lane Fire, and it was one of, if not the worst, disaster in the history of Anaheim.  Electrical lines got crossed up which caused a big block of apartments to be set on fire and be burnt to the ground.
  • The KKK, (Klu Klux Klan) in 1924 were elected to reform the government!
  • Seal Beach, which is close to Anaheim, has the largest wooden pier in California.
  • Jack Benny’s famous theme song was started there.  It featured Anaheim, Azusa, Cucamonga in the song.
  • Many famous celebrities including Steve Martin and Michelle Pfiefer actually worked at Disney Land in Anaheim
  • The Los Angeles Kiss football team which plays in the Honda Center which is located in Anaheim, is owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley–members of kiss.
  • The Honda Center hosts many events for the city of Anaheim–rodeos, circus, concerts and other events.
  • The Anaheim Convention Center is the largest convention center on the west coast.
  • The baseball stadium where the Anaheim Angels play is the 4th old active stadium in MLB
  • Prior to Disneyland being founded, Anaheim was mainly a rural area.

These are just a few things about Anaheim, California.  If you decide to visit Anaheim, California you should check out the tourist guide or call the main city for help on what to do.  Keep in mind, there are lots of things to do, and if you are not familiar with traffic in California–especially in Anaheim–then it is best to be prepared.  Traffic can be heavy at times, so it is best to plan ahead.