Exploring Riverside’s Best Tourist Attractions

An excellent destination for a weekend break or a family vacation is Riverside, California. It’s simple to understand why Riverside is the ideal vacation spot with so many things to see and do. Riverside has something for everyone, from historical buildings and museums to outdoor activities and natural marvels. We’ve put together a list of some of Riverside’s best tourist attractions to make your exploration of the area easier.

Castle Park

With 25 acres of entertaining rides and engaging games, Castle Park is a terrific destination for family entertainment. 28 rides, including roller coasters, bumper cars, and Ferris wheels, as well as vintage carnival games and arcades, can be found in this amusement park. In addition, the park contains a mini-golf course with 18 distinctive holes distributed across two courses.

Riverside Metropolitan Museum

Through its extensive collections of artifacts and exhibits, the Riverside Metropolitan Museum gives visitors the chance to learn about the history of the area. This museum features displays on Native American history as well as international and military items. Also available to visitors are interactive science exhibits and educational events that run all year long.

Riverside National Cemetery

Visit the nearby Riverside National Cemetery if you’re interested in learning more about the military history of our country. Since 1976, this cemetery has provided graves for veterans from all branches of the armed forces as a way of paying tribute to those who have served our nation. Additionally, it is a national memorial place, allowing people from all around the country to make connections with the loved ones of those who heroically served our country in times of war and struggle.

Mt Rubidoux

Another must-see place in Riverside is Mount Rubidoux, which has a ton of hiking paths and amazing vistas of the city center. Along this mountain path, there are a number of historical markers, including an antique stone cross that was built in 1906 by Frank Miller in memory of Father Junipero Serra, who established numerous missions around California during his career.

Riverside Art Museum

The Riverside Art Museum, which features works from local artists in Southern California as well as contemporary art, is where the city’s thriving art culture can be found. It is simple for visitors to discover many kinds of expression while they are here because this museum also often conducts activities like talks and workshops concentrating on various topics like photography, painting, or sculpture.

March Field Air Museum

Last but not least, no vacation would be complete without seeing the March Field Air Museum, which is close to Interstate 215. Through tours that cover everything from early aircraft used in World War I up to contemporary fighter planes, you can learn more about aviation history here. Additionally, there are interactive exhibits with simulators where you can actually get a taste of what it would be like to fly some of these aircraft!

This list was compiled by our website so you may learn more about what makes Riverside such a unique travel destination! There is something for everyone here, whether you’re seeking outdoor activities or cultural experiences. Enjoy your time here when you visit this lovely city!

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