I have Extremely Bad Credit. Can I still get a Title Loan?

Yes! At The Net Lender, credit is not that important of a metric in getting approved for a car title loan.

Ultimately, what this means is that anyone may qualify for a car title loan even if their credit history is poor. At , The Net Lender, we understand that many people have made unwise decision in the past, and we are still willing to work with them if at all possible.


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Here is why it may possible if you have a poor credit history to get a car title loan with The Net Lender

  • The car is used as collateral for the loan:  Using the vehicle as a guarantee this type of loan is what is called a “secured loan.”
    • A secured loan, such as a vehicle title loan, has something tangible and real that the loan is based off of–unlike a credit card.  A secured loan would use the car itself as the vehicle.
    • Because of this it is easier to get a loan even if you have a bad credit history.
    • Bad or a poor credit history is not that important when getting an auto title loans because even though your credit score may be risky to the lender, the value of your car, truck, or vehicle and the ability to repay the loan are the main factors that the lender uses in giving a loan.
  • Your credit report rating is the past:  The qualifications or approval or a car title loan does not take into account your credit score as much as some loans because it is only looking in the past.
    • We understand that everyone has likely made financial mistakes and has had problems at some point in life.  In order to improve your finances, it is best to change and grow and build a good future, vs. being denied access to money when you need it,

Car title loans are secured loans because they are secured by an asset–like a automobile (including pickup trucks, SUVS, motorcycles, boats, and cars).  What this means is that the lender has something other than just your word and promise to back back the loan.  The vehicle protects the loan since it is used as collateral.   Car title loans were designed for people who have normally had a bad credit history and  may find it hard to get money in times of an emergency.

If you have bad credit, TNL may have an answer for you with a vehicle title loan. Continue to read to discover more:


  1. You can get funds very quickly.  Our loan application process is simple, quick, and easy to use.  Once you apply and submit your paperwork we work to get you the money as fast as possible.  Sometimes you can get your money in as as little as 24 hours–but this depends on many factors.
  2. Get money fast:  Our loan application and approval process is fast, simple and convenient. Once you have submitted your documents, we do our best to get you your money–sometimes in as little as 24 hours.
  3. Professional staff:  At The Net Lender our processes are transparent and designed to make it easy for you.  We strive to be clear and concise with anyone who calls us to that they can make an informed decision with having all the information they need.  Our goal is to make sure that you understand the terms of the loan before receiving your money.
  4. Excellent customer service:  We work hard at  TNL to make your application process smooth and convenient. We have created  tools to help you apply completely online–sometimes with your phone.  You can also call us on the phone if you need help or have questions before signing any paperwork.  It will only take a few minutes for you to know if you qualify for a loan and the amount you can get.  Best of all there are no costs associated with applying for a long and to seeing how much money you can get. Our staff is here to guide you along the way.
  5. Just a few documents are required and it is a smooth process: At TNL we have made our application process secure, quick, and easy.  We will strive to get you as much money as possible based on the value of your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or other vehicle and based on your ability to repay the loan.


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  • Our application process is free and there are no obligations and if you get a loan there are no prepayment penalties
  • Compared to most traditional loans your  chances of loan approval are high.
  • The steps in applying for a loan is simple. It only takes just a  few minutes to apply for a loan and you can get your money, depending on how fast you get the lender the paperwork, sometimes in as little as a few hours or in the same day.

You can get the money you need ASAP

  • The Net Lender’s support team is dedicated  to explaining and disclosing  all the information so you can make a well-thought out informed decision..
  • TNL is one of the largest auto title loan lenders in California and is rapidly growing elsewhere. We have served thousands and thousands of customers and have high approval rates. Our goal is to assist you get money no matter what you need it for.  We want to help you get out of a financial emergency as painlessly as possible.
  • Did you know that even people who do not have  employed may qualify for a car title loan because the lender is interested in your ability to repay the loan and not your current job.

Still Not Convinced? Here Are Some Key Factors to Consider:

  • At TNL your past credit history doesn’t have to control your future.  It is not a huge factor in deciding where you will qualify to get a car title loan.  Our pink slip loans are based on your ability to repay the loan and the equity you have in your vehicle.  We believe that your past credit history should not be an issue  from getting the money that you need.
  • Rest assured:   You won’t have to give us your bank account information before receiving your loan. Also, we have different types of ways of getting your money.  Just tell us what you would prefer.  It may be a check, a green dot card, or other ways.

Discover  how an auto title loan can assist you in getting the financial help you need!

A TNL Title Loan can be a great solution for emergencies  because your loan process can be completed in only a few simple steps, and funding could be made available very quickly. Take a look and find out if The Net Lender  is right for you.


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