Can you get a car title loan with no job?

This is a common question in the auto title loan industry.  Many people who need cash quickly are looking to get a vehicle collateral loan or pink slip loan.  Many people want to know:

Is it possible to get a vehicle title loan or pink slip loan with no job?

The answer is: It depends.  First and foremost you need to understand what an auto title loan is how and how it works.

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First and foremost, companies who issue car title loans are in business to make money.  They are not charitable organizations, and they will gladly loan you money if you qualify.  But, you need to understand that like any company who lends you money, they want to make sure the loan they are providing is a good investment.  So, let’s ask the following question:  What does it take to qualify to get a title loan in general, and then what is required if you don’t have a job.

  • The first thing a lender will look at is the year of your vehicle, along with the make, model, and mileage
  • The lender wants to make sure that the car, pickup truck, or vehicle you want to get a title loan with no job has…
  • A clear title – meaning you own the title free and clear
  • It is not a salvage (although if the vehicle is new enough and has low enough mileage and is paid off they may not matter)
  • Professional references
  • Personal references
  • Full coverage insurance
  • And what is your monthly income?
car title loan no job

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If you have a monthly income of at least $1,500 you can (potentially) get an auto title loan or vehicle collateral loan with no job.

The lender is more concerned about you being able to prove you have a monthly income to be able to repay the loan.  Sometimes, people have additional sources of income such as rental income, passive income from investments, settlements from lawsuits, or other forms of income without a job.  If you can prove the income you have without a job is reliable you can potentially get an auto title loan with no job.

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