Good places to eat in San Jose California

San Jose, California is a huge city, but for some reason it gets lost in the shuffle with all the other cities in California. This article is going to detail the good places to eat in San Jose, California.  Of course, if you don’t know San Jose is becoming one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Therefore, if you need fast cash don’t hesitate to click on the link.

Below you will find a list of restaurants that have been rated very high.  They all have great help reviews, and are very popular in San, Jose California.

The Boiling Crab
1631 E Capitol Expy Ste. 101
San Jose, CA 95121, (408) 532-6147

Who would have thought that eating Rajun Cajun, garlic sauce, and lemon pepper would make  great flavor sensation.  Well, it has and whatever you get here, this tasting sauce comes with it.  Everything from sweet potato fries, sausage, and a great vibe.  You meal will be messy, so yes, get the bib they offer you.  This place is famous in San Jose, California.

Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill
1035 S Winchester Blvd
(408) 260-7200

Let’s start with what is the most important part of this:  The dessert.  They have deep fried ice cream, and mochi.  Of course, talking about the main things about restaurants we should not forget the classy feel, the food presentation, and a very stylish interior.  You get cool sushi rolls, and lots of variety.

Henry’s World Famous Hi-Life
301 W St John St
(408) 295-5414

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and that’s what this place does.  It has a limited menu, but that’s not a bad thing.  If you like BBQ you’ll love this place.  Plus, their New York Steak is awesome.  The Garlic bread is also excellent.  Keep in mind, this place can get so busy that it is standing room only.  If you’re hungry for a stake in San Jose…don’t miss a chance to check out this place.  You won’t regret it.

Falafel’s Drive In
2301 Stevens Creek Blvd
(408) 294-7886

A Pita Chip is the main center of attraction at Falafel’s.  They have created a ton of foods for you to munch on besides just those.  You can get a wide variety of milkshakes (the banana is awesome) and the Falafel is some of the best that exist.  If you like hummus, this place can also help your appetite.  Hot dogs and fries and drive-thru meals also exist, but the stuff above it is what is what is really tasty.  I’d recommend, when you get into San Jose, to go get a banana milkshake right away.

Amato’s Cheesesteaks
1162 Saratoga Ave
(408) 246-4007

Who doesn’t like a Cheesesteak?

Amato’s is the place to go to get a Cheesesteak!  You’ll end up leaving full even if you get the shortie…which is their half sandwhich.  If you’re worried about getting things customized, don’t worry.  Everything is made special to order and they get it right the first time.  But don’t worry, the place may look small, but inside they have a lot of options.

The restaurants below also come highly recommended. However, at this time we just don’t happen to have the information on them:

Bill’s Cafe
1115 Willow St
(408) 294-1125

330 S 3rd St
(408) 271-9772

Treat Ice Cream Company
11 S 19th St
(408) 292-9321

Psycho Doughnut
288 S 2nd St
(408) 533-1023

Bibo’s Ny Pizza
1431 Bird Ave
(408) 217-9084

The Old Wagon Saloon and Grill
73 N San Pedro St
(408) 971-9346

Rangoli India Restaurant
3695 Union Ave
(408) 377-2222

Taqueria Eduardo
3123 Williamsburg Dr
(408) 374-9764

Freshly Baked Eatery
152 N 3rd St Ste 101
(408) 298-9370

Of course, be sure to check and see what allergies you have before you order.  Also, be prepared to eat more than you plan on eating, everyone do it all the time.  Make sure to tip your waiter or waitress well!  It’s the polite thing to do. Good service goes a long way.