Interesting facts about Santa Ana California

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Santa Ana boasts the second largest population in Orange County, and the fourth most densely populated in the U.S. Therefore, in this article you will find fun facts and things to do in Santa Ana. 


Fun Facts About Santa Ana: 

  • The city of Santa Ana first started out as a large mustard field. 
  •  Wells Fargo’s first office was in Santa Ana and opened in 1874. 
  • A renaissance man, William Spurgeon founded Santa Ana and built the city after buying the land for $595. 
  • Spurgeon built Santa Ana out of 74 acres and became the city’s local postman too. 
  • In the 1700s when Europeans first explored the Orange County area, Santa Ana was first called “The Valley of Saint Anne”. However, it was only replaced by Orange County because of the amount of oranges that it grew in the area 
  • The “Santa Ana Winds” are often times an occurrence of forest fires around the area, but aren’t actually named after the city. 
  • This city is one of the youngest cities in the population, about 31% of its residents are less than 18 years old. 
  • Santa Ana has a large immigrant population, which means statistically about 80% of families do not speak English as their primary language at home 
  • Santa Ana is the 4th most densely populated city in the United States. 
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Things to do in Santa Ana: 

  • Bowers Museum 
    • An art museum with several different types of historical collections and a Kidseum just two blocks away focusing on art and archeological finds.
    • Information: 2002 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA, 92706; phone: (714) 567-3600
  • Santa Ana Zoo 
    • A small zoo located next to the 5 Freeway, with a majority of its exhibits focused on the animals of Central and South America
    • information: 1801 E Chestnut Ave, Santa Ana, CA, 92701; phone: (714) 836-4000
  • Discovery Cube 
    • A science museum with hundreds or interactive displays and exhibits for kids to get their hands on. Created as a way to spark children’s interest in the sciences. 
    • Information: 2500 N Main Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92705; phone: (714) 542-2823
  • Old Orange County Courthouse
    • In Santa Ana’s historic district, this building was Santa Ana’s courthouse building opened in 1901. Now considered a historic landmark with exhibits inside. 
    • Information: 211 W Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA, 92701; phone: (714) 973-6605
  • Hart Park
    • Just on the border of Santa Ana, a community park with a swimming pool and summer events like concerts. 
    • Information: 701 Glassell Street, Orange, CA, 92866; (714) 744-2225