Interesting information about Sacramento

In this article you will find some interesting facts about Sacramento, California that is sponsored by the Sacramento, California car title loan office.

Interesting informarion about Sacramento:

  • Did you know that the NBA basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, were actually the Royals from Rochester New York?
  • Sacramento actually is 2 cities in one. There is a large network of tunnels that are abandoned underneath the city’s foundation. Although that was the actual city of Sacramento, the new city was built above it to avoid flood damaged.
  • If you are at a NBA Sacramento kings game don’t be shocked if you see a real lion.
  • Mark Twain once considered Sacramento to be his home. However, this was before he was quite famous for his novels.
  • The California gold-rush did not start in Sacramento or even California. It actually started in North Carolina. Roughly 50 years before Sutter ever tried to find gold along the rivers in California he tried in North Carolina.
  • Sacramento is California’s sixth capital since 1854. It has actually been the state capital before, was dropped, and is now the state capital again again.

And there is more:

  • Sacramento hosts a “trash film orgy” which is a film festival honoring B-movies, trash horror flicks, creepy ceatures, and the expolitation genre.
  • You can actually visit the grave of Senator Capital Kitty. He was a feral cat who lived at the state capitol for 13 years, and he was featued in the children’s book, “The Adventures of Capitol Kity: An Almost True Story.”
  • Believe it or not the pony express service started in Sacramento back in 1860. It went as far east as the state of Missouri. There is actually a giant statue of Kevin Costner from the movie “Silverado” at the Silverado Building Materials and Nursery.
  • Sacramento has a bar called “Dueling Pianos” which is off of K Street. They have dualing pianos that compete with each other. The Crocker Museum is the longest running establishment for artwork in the entire western United States.
  • Did you know that the largest almond processing plant Blue Diamond, is located in Sacramento, California. It is right in town and processes 12 million pounds of almonds every year day during harvest season.
  • Safetyville, USA, is actually a working min version of Sacramento that was built to show kids how to be safe. Discovery Park in Sacramento is actually submerged underwater during the winter. It is part of the city’s flood control system–believe it or not.
  • The supreme court of California is actually located in San Francisco, not in Sacramento.

Extra info:

These are just some of the interesting facts you can learn about Sacramento. This city can be a wonderful place to visit, and is one of the last places where you can actually live in California for a reasonable fee. Every other place has outrageous real estate, but Sacramento has some of the most affordable real estate that exists.  Finally, if you decide to visit Sacramento, California we recommend you check the above list, call the city’s tourist guide for more information, and keep in mind that the mountains are close by, and a trip to San Francisco is not far away either.