Interesting landmarks in San Francisco


This museum doesn´t have “Don’t Touch” signs.  Hence, this interactive museum is designed for children of all ages to engage in the experience of art. Also, they can physically climb on sculptures and other art installations, sculpt with clay, and be active in various camps and other workshops. The art pieces are from renowned artists with the thoughts of children’s participation in mind. Each and every item in the museum is designed to encourage creativity. It has over 50,000 square feet of open space!  Click here to learn more about other options for car loans.

ADDRESS-200 W Island Ave




Located in downtown San Diego, Petco Park is home to the professional baseball team the San Diego Padres. It opened in 2004, and it built of stucco and Indian sandstone. Most other stadiums are built of brick. There are 41,164 fixed seats that are painted dark blue, evoking thoughts of the sea and sky of San Diego! Different from other baseball parks, the batter at Petco Park faces north, so the fans in the stands have an amazing view of San Diego Bay!

ADDRESS-100 Park Boulevard




Open-air free organ concerts have been quite popular on Sunday events at Balboa Park since the Spreckel brothers donated an organ back in 1914. It is one of the largest outdoor pipe organs in the entire world! It has 4,725 pipes with various lengths of pipe from the size of pencil all the way up to 32 feet! The organ is located in a vaulted, ornate structure that provide regular free concerts each Sunday. The Spreckels Organ society is in charge of programming, preserving and promoting this beautiful organ.

ADDRESS-1549 El Prado #10




As one of the most celebrated American regional theatres, the Old Globe was built in 1935 for the California Pacific International Exposition. The performance schedule is year round, and it produces 15 plays on its three different stages. These productions from various styles and time periods. One of its most popular productions is the regarded Shakespeare Festival. Multiple acclaimed theatre artists and playwrights have called this theatre home.

ADDRESS-1363 Old Globe Way




This museum features an interesting mix of history, religion and Hollywood all together. It tells the story of the Mormon Battalion and its intense journey from the Council Bluffs in Iowa to San Diego California. In July of 1846, approxmiately 500 men and 80 women and children took a long 2000-mile journey at the same time as the Mexican-american war. As a result of this trip, these people changed the history of the country by establishing the roots of San Diego Old Town. You can find many exhibits, interactive photos, and even an origiranl cannon that these people pushed all the way across the county.

ADDRESS-2510 Juan St




If you are a life long resident of San Diego, or just a vistor, Seaport Village is the best place to go and truly enjoy this city. The 14-acre complex is filled with great shopping options, high class dining, and entertainment for most everyone! You can also sit in one of the beautiful sidewalk cafes, and listen to various street musicians, and just enjoy the city. It is a great location to simply people watch!

ADDRESS-849 W Harbor Dr




This historical park was established in 1968 to help celebrate as well as preserve the rich heritage of San Diego between 1821 and 1872. It consists of a main plaza, museums, exhibits and demonstrations of this city’s exciting history! Heritage Park is just up the hill, and you can find many Victorian homes which have been relocated and restored to their original beauty.

ADDRESS-2415 San Diego Ave #104



The California Tower opened in 1915 as part of the Panama-California Exposition. The purpose of this Bertram Goodhue designed building was to reflect the beautiful churches of Spain and Mexico. The Tower is open to the public for the first time in 80 years. You can find the San Diego Museum of Man here. It offers breathtaking views of the Southern California landscape at the top of the Tower.

ADDRESS-1350 El Prado