Learn more about Moreno Valley California

Moreno Valley, California is located in Riverside County.  It is part of the San Bernardino-Riverside Metro area.  It is considered to be a fairly young city with a rapid growth rate from the 1980s to the early 2000s made it the second largest city in Riverside County, and one of the population centers for the Inland Empire.  If you are in need of money when visiting Moreno Valley click on the link to learn more.

Moreno Valley had a population of 193,365 as of the 2010 census and is related to Riverside, California which is the county seat and the largest city in the county.  Moreno Valley is considered to be part of the larger Greater Los Angeles area.

When California became part of the union in the 1850s, Americans began to relocate to California.  The Overland Mail Company passed through the Tucson to San Francisco route.  Farmers began moving to the area and started to rely on water from the Bear Valley Land and Water Company.  Moreno is Spanish for brown or brunet, and Frank E. Brown owned the Bear Valley Land and Water company.  This company pumped water from the San Bernardino Mountains to the north.

Moreno Valley, California, began a comeback in 1918 when the United States Air Force built March Field on the outskirts of Riverside as part of its World War I campaign.  March Field was originally used to train fighter pilots, however, it was closed in 1922.  It reopened in 1927 and eventually became a full-fledged Air Force base.  Because of the air force because the communities of Sunnymead, Moreno, and Edgemont began to grow.  In World War II the March base became a training ground for military pilots.  On April 1, 1996, March Air Force Base became March Joint Air Reserve Base under Air Force Reserve Command.

Another big factor in the Moreno Valley area has been the Riverside International Raceway.  The Riverside International Raceway…located at  22255 Eucalyptus Ave Moreno Valley, California 92388, was open from 1957 to 1989.  It was also known as RIR.  The RIR held Indycar Races, Go Karts, IMSA, NASCAR, and Motorcycle racing events.

Moreno Valley is at a crossroads in southern California.  Lake Perris is to the south, to the North is the San Bernardino Valley and Mountains, to the West is Riverside and Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and to the east is the San Gorgonio Pass and Coachella Valley.

One of the most famous features in Moreno Valley is the Box Springs Mountain.  The face of the mountain has a large “M” constructed on it.  It was built privately because the city council felt it would create unity among its citizens.  It’s located on public land and is maintained by donations and charity.