Places to see in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with so much to offer. Let´s take a look at some basic facts about the city of LA, as it is affectionately called. Then you can find out more about some interesting places to check out in LA!

The title of the second largest city in the United States belongs to LA. It also has the nickname “City of Angels”. LA is an integral part of the state of California, but especially the southern part of the state. It is known to be not only the cultural center of the southern part of the state but also the financial and commercial center!

Do you know how many people are in Los Angeles? 3,976,322 is the official population of the city as of 2016. That means Los Angeles is second only behind New York City! LA is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides. Some of these mountains are over 10,000 feet tall! Los Angeles also has the title of largest city in the state of California. It is officially 469 square miles and is known as the “county seat” of that country. It is known to be the most populated county in the United States!

If you include the metropolitan area of LA with the greater Los Angeles area, the population is over a staggering 18 million people!!

Los Angeles is also home to many beautiful landmarks. Be sure to check some of these out next time you find yourself in LA!  Click here to get financial help in Los Angeles.

The Ahmanson Theatre is one of 4 different venues that are a part of the Los Angeles Music Center. It has been around for over 50 years! You can find them at 135 North Grand Ave.

Angels Flight is an interesting still functioning railway! There are two stations available. The top station can be found at 350 S Grande Ave, and the lower station is at 351 S Hill St

Bunker Hill is a historic area that at one time separated downtown Los Angeles from the remaining area of the city. The hill had a tunnel built through it in 1924.
Interested in seeing the Los Angeles Public Library? You should be!! It is home to over 6 million books! You can find the library at 630 W 5th St.

One of the many historical cemeteries you can find in Los Angeles is the Chinese Cemetery. It is located in the east area of the city.

Want to see a beautiful wedding venue? Check out Ebell of Los Angeles. It is host to various special occasions, as well as a known filming location!

The Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Reserve of San Francisco would be a great place to check out! You can tour the branch, too! They are located at 950 S. Grand Ave.

What about a church? First Church of Christ, Scientist is a historic Christian Science church located at 1366 A. Alvarado St.

If you think of a Mediterranean type climate, that is very similar to the climate you will find in Los Angeles. You will experience mild winters and not a lot of rain. However, the summers can be quite warm! Of course, with the large population, traffic can be a nightmare at times. But, you may see some movie stars, as various major movie industries are located right in LA.