Scholarship Opportunity

TNL Car Title Loans understands the need for making education accessible to everyone in this country.  Over the years we have worked with local communities to strengthen our ties by offering scholarship opportunities.  Every year, TNL Car Title loans offer five $1,000 scholarships to students who show a willingness to advance their educational goals.

Any student attending college or vocational school this year is eligible to apply for the scholarship and will have the opportunity to receive one of 5 scholarships to be awarded at on November 15th, 2018.

Students will be selected based on their merits including academics, leadership, community involvement, and personal character.  Students who show a track record of excellence in these categories will have a chance to win this award.

All applications are due by October 15th, 2018 and winners will be announced on November 15th.

To view and download the Scholarship Application, click here.

This scholarship is sponsored by TNL Car Title loans.  If you need an auto title loan in Los Angeles, go here.

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