The Best Convenience Stores of Riverside, CA

There are several convenience stores in Riverside, California that may satisfy any shopping needs. These shops carry everything from cigarettes and lottery tickets to snacks and beverages. Here is a list of the top convenience stores in the area, whether you’re searching for quick grab-and-go things or want to spend some time perusing the aisles.


One of the biggest chains of convenience stores in Riverside, 7-Eleven has more than 20 outlets. They sell a wide variety of things, including hot and cold meals, drinks, snacks, as well as commonplace items like cigarettes and lottery tickets. Additionally, customers can use the 7Rewards app to save money on specific products.


Another fantastic convenience store, Rocket, is situated in downtown Riverside close to UC Riverside. This family-run company provides a variety of groceries and snacks at affordable costs. When purchasing specific things like beer and wine along with other items, they also provide discounts on those particular items.

One Stop Food & Water Store

In Corona, One-Stop Food & Water Store is close to Highway 91. Since it opened in 1966, the store has sold groceries, beer, wine, soft drinks, tobacco products, ice cream, and other items. Recently, a deli counter was built, allowing visitors to pick up pre-made salads and sandwiches for lunch or dinner on the move.

Circle K

One of the most well-known gas station companies in southern California is Circle K, which has multiple sites around Riverside County and sells a wide variety of cigarettes, candy bars, snacks, and even health care items like vitamins and painkillers.

Qwikway Market

Another fantastic option is Qwikway Market, which is close to Perris Valley Airport and is well-known for its welcoming staff that always greets clients with a grin. All of your shopping needs can be met here, along with services for gasoline pumping.


Another well-known regional company, Allsup’s, has several locations throughout Riverside County and sells all of your favorite foods, including chips, candy bars, drinks, and even ice cream delights. You don’t have to worry about having cash on hand for purchases because they also have an ATM machine ready.

We hope this list will assist you to choose your next visit when you’re searching for some quick shopping needs because it was generated by our website based on Yelp customer reviews as well as our own experience shopping at these convenience stores.

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