The Best Pizza Places in Riverside, CA

Pizza restaurants serving wonderful and genuine Italian food are numerous in Riverside, California. The city has styles for everyone, from classic Italian to contemporary gourmet. You can find anything here, whether you’re searching for a fast slice or a substantial family supper. To assist you in making a decision, our website has compiled a list of the top 6 pizza joints in Riverside, California.

D’Caesaro Pizza & Italian

One of the most popular restaurants in the area is D’Caesaro Pizza & Italian. Since 1951, they have been offering up traditional Italian fare, including pizza. Their thin-crust pizzas are expertly prepared, topped with copious amounts of fresh mozzarella cheese, and garnished with basil leaves.

Capone’s Pizza

Another one of the community’s favorites is Capone’s Pizza. This neighborhood restaurant specializes in flavorful deep-dish pies that are loaded with cheese. Even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied by the famous Capone’s Supreme, which is stuffed with of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and olives.

DeMatteo’s Pizza – Riverside

A wide variety of New York-style pizzas are available at DeMatteo’s Pizza – Riverside, all of which are produced with premium ingredients like vine-ripened tomato sauce and freshly grated cheese mixtures. Along with calzones and other Italian favorites like lasagna and eggplant parmesan, they also have gluten-free choices.

Papa Joe’s Pizza

Since 1972, Papa Joe’s Pizza has been creating delectable pieces of art. This restaurant will never let you down because of its distinctive offerings like the Greek Specialty Pie or the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Supreme! Your taste buds won’t know what hit ’em with toppings like feta cheese crumbles or teriyaki-glazed chicken breasts!

Antonious Pizza

The Mediterranean Breeze, which is topped with prosciutto ham, roasted red peppers, and pesto sauce, and The New Yorker, which has pepperoni slices surrounded by a ring of thick-cut bacon bits, are just a couple of the outstanding speciality pies that Antonious Pizza serves customers. These pies have an unrivaled flavor that draws consumers in time and time again thanks to freshly prepared dough.

MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza completes our list with its fast-casual method of producing pizza, where each pie is cooked to order right in front of your eyes using only premium ingredients like artisan cheeses from all over the world or locally sourced vegetables when available. Not to mention their famous sauces; how about some spicy garlic alfredo?

There is something for everyone in Riverside, no matter what kind of pizza hunger you have! In order to make it simple for you to choose your restaurant on any given night when hunger strikes, our website has put up a list of the top 6 pizza joints in Riverside, California.

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