Tourist attractions in San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful city in California, and was once known as the Tuna Capital of the World!
San Diego is also the second largest city you will find in the state of California, and the eighth
largest city in the US! Here are some quick fun facts you may not be aware of about San Diego!

May 29th is Tony Hawk Day in San Diego.
More avocados come from this city than any other in the US!
More farms are located in San Diego than any other US city.

In La Jolla, there is a housing district with the nickname of “the Munchkin Houses”
due to the fact so many actors who played munchkins from the Wizard of Oz movie
lived in that area!
The first baby panda in the US was born at the zoo in San Diego.
San Diego actually imports almost 90% of its water.
In 1953, WD-40 was invented in San Diego.
The Hotel Del Coronado is actually the biggest wooden structure in the US.
Interested in seeing some sights when visiting San Diego? Take a look at some of these places!

Balboa Park
This large park contains over 1200 acres of gardens and historical landmarks. In here you can also find he San Diego Zoo.
You can contact them at 619-239- 0512 or visit at 1549 El Prado.

San Diego Zoo
This zoo is well known for its important efforts in conservation and research for the wellbeing of animals. In this zoo you can also find over 650 different species of animals!
You can contact the zoo at 619-231- 1515 or visit 2920 Zoo Drive.

Sea World
This is the place to visit to see various aquatic life from all over the globe! You
will find tiny animals, like seahorses, all the way up to huge animals like orca

You can contact Sea World at 619-222- 4732 or visit at 500 Sea World Dr.
Hotel Del Coronado
This beautiful building is one of the most historic you’ll find in San Diego city.
Actual movies and TV scenes have been shot in this location.
You can contact them at 619-435- 6611 or visit at 1500 Orange Ave in Coronado,

Torrey Pines State National Reserve

This gorgeous 2000-acre park is a great place to explore various kinds of plants
you can find in San Diego. If you are interested in walking around, this reserve also has 8 different trails you can choose from based on the difficulty or just what you want to see.
You can contact them at 619-435- 6611 or visit at 12600 N Torrey Pines Rd in La
Jolla, California