Car Title Loans California Main Features

If you want to know more about Car Title Loans in California Main Features this article will explain a lot of things to you!  The Net Lender is an  auto title lender who helps people get quick approvals for car title loans.

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Best Car Title Loans California Main Features:

You can get a vehicle title loan loan very fast  if your vehicle qualifies.  What criteria does it come down to so your vehicle qualifies for an auto title loan in 2018 and later years??  Here are the things that will come into play:

  • In most cases you need to have a vehicle with less than 200,000 miles on it.  There are some exceptions–like diesel trucks.
  • The make or brand of your vehicle.  In general luxury vehicles have a higher re-sale value.
  • The model of your vehicle is important.
  • The condition your vehicle is in.  Does it have a previous accident?
  • If you have a clean title or salve title
  • If you have possession of the title – or if there is another lien holder on it
  • In California you must have an income of at least $1,200 a month
  • Your personal credit score — this is not as important for a car title loan since the lender is using
  • Personal references
  • 100% insurance coverage on your vehicle
  • Professional references –
  • In California the minimum loan amount you can get for an uncapped interest title loan is $2,500, designated by the department of business oversight in California.

Auto title loans California main features:

  • You don’t need to have a great credit score – the vehicle title loan is based off of the equity in your vehicle
  • You can get money very quickly in most cases – sometimes as quick as 24 to 48 hours or faster
  • You can have past credit problems, a bankruptcy, medical bills or other issues

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