Commercial Vehicle Title Loans in California

Do you need cash quickly and own a commercial vehicle?  A title loan may be an option for you to get cash quickly.  What is a title loan?  A title loan is a loan based off the equity of your vehicle.  Click here to read about FAQ regarding vehicle title loans.  A common question people ask is:

How Can I Get A Commercial Vehicle Title Loans in California?

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This is a great question.  To get a commercial auto title loan in the state of California you’ll need (at least) the following.

  • A vehicle that has enough equity to qualify
  • Identification proving who you are
  • Full coverage insurance on the commercial vehicle
  • Proof of monthly income of at least $1,200
  • The title of the vehicle
  • Personal References
  • Professional References
  • Photos of the vehicle
  • Proof of the mileage
  • And a few more things
commercial title loan

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Do Commercial Auto Title Loans in California Require Good Credit?

In most cases, the answer to this is no.  The only way to be sure is to call The Net Lender at  888-539-2065! or fill out the application form on this website.  The main issue is the make, model, condition, and mileage of your vehicle.  In most cases vehicles with over 200,000 miles on them won’t qualify for a commercial title loan, but if you have a diesel vehicle there may be an exception.  Your credit score will only play a part.  Secondly, you cannot have any open or pending bankruptcies.  But past bills that have not been paid including medical payments, foreclosures, credit cards–a lot of times these will not prevent you from getting a commercial auto title loan in the state of California.

Commercial Vehicle Title Loans:  What Else Should You Know?

Sometimes these loans are also called pink slip loans, vehicle collateral loans, auto title loans.  Generally, these are used for short-term emergencies as the interest rates tend to be higher because your credit score isn’t as important as other factors in getting a loan.  Also, you need to realize that if you do not make payments on your commercial title loan, the lender can repossess your vehicle.  This is similar to any car loan, but take this into account before you get a title loan in California.  Call TNL Car Title Loans today at  888-539-2065 or fill out the application form on the website.  No risk or hassle or pressure when calling!  Get a free estimate today!


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