Fun things to do in Los Angeles California

If you are visiting Los Angeles, California chances are that you want to have some fun!

The great thing about LA is that you will rarely run out of things to do.  Los Angeles is a huge city; in fact, according to the citys website, it is the second largest city in the United States, followed by New York.

So, what are fun things do in California?

  Pofessional sports:

  • The Los Angeles Lakers are located in Los Angeles in the Staples Center and are one of the most famous and successful franchises in the NBA and all professional sports.  If you like basketball, you should definitely check out a game.   Many celebrities have been seen at games…like Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Although they don’t have a history as successful as the Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers also are located in Los Angeles.  They also play in the Staples Center.   The Clippers have been more successful these past few years than the Lakes.

If you like baseball, Los Angeles and the metropolitan area gives you lots of choices:

  • First, there are the Los Angles Dodgers. The Dodgers play in the Dodger Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 56,000 people and was opened in 1962.
  • While technically not located in Los Angeles, there is another baseball team in the Los Angeles metro area.  The Los Angeles Angels are a team that is located in Anaheim, California.  The team has gone through several name changes. These include:
  1. The Los Angeles Angels (current)
  2. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  3. The Anaheim Angels
  4. The California Angels, and
  5. The Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles also has the Kings.  Los Angeles Kings are a famous hockey team that has had the greatest hockey player ever:  Wayne Gretzky.  There is also the Anaheim Ducks which is another famous hockey team.

There is also a major league soccer team in Los Angeles called the LA Galaxy.

While there are a few other professional sports teams, the ones mentioned are the main sports teams.  The San Diego Chargers will be relocating to a suburb of Los Angeles for the year of 2017 if things go as planned.

Other fun things that can be done:

There is Hollywood, this famous place has the famous Hollywood Star Walk where celebrities get their names put in a star on concrete.

You can also visit Universal Studios and sometimes take a tour of the ongoing productions there.  Since Hollywood (and Los Angeles) in general are the film capital of the United States, there are many production studios out there.

Griffith observatory is also a place that many people like to go and visit.  There are many museums and other places of interest in Los Angeles.  Many times people need financing to be able to afford these adventures.  Look no further than TNL Car Title Loans to help you get the money you need.

The above is just a minor list of things to do in Los  Angeles.  If you are interested in figuring out what restaurants are available you can click here and get a big list of fun and nice places to eat in Los Angeles.


All in all Los Angeles has a very nice climate with a diverse population and hundreds of things to do.  The Beach is not far away.  The Santa Monica Boardwalk is also close, and if you want you can be in the mountains, depending on traffic, within an hour.  The San Gabriel mountains are a beautiful place to visit.  Los Angeles, California has many things for you to do, get out and enjoy them!