Hawthorne California education

You will find Hawthorne in Los Angeles, California. This city is located in the southwest part of the county. Also, the population is of 84,293 people, according to the 2010 census.  In case you need or want to know more, you can click here for more info on Hawthorne, California.

In 1905 the Hawthorne Improvement Company was founded by B.L. Harding and H.D. Lombard. And in case you are wondering why the city is named Hawthorne, the daughter of B.L. Harding happened to share a birthday of July 4th with Nathaniel Hawthorne and the two founders decided to call it like that.

Hawthorne has an interesting history: It was a “White’s Only” settlement at first. In the past, these were called sundown towns, meaning all African Americans had to be out of Hawthorne by sundown.

Hawthorne has many major employers. Here are some:

  • Century Media Records (Independent rock label)
  • Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Center (12000 Hawthorne Blvd)
  • OSI Systems (Electronics Manufacturer 12525 Chadron Ave)
  • SpaceX (Rocket Road, 310-363-6000)
  • Tesla Motors Design Center (3203 Jack Northrop Ave)
  • Northrop Corp (this company had a huge impact during WWII. It is a subcontractor to other aircraft companies. The founder developed special wings which led to the creation of the stealth bomber)
  • Mattel toy company

And in case you are interested in visiting Hawthorne and looking for some fun things, take a look at the following ideas:

  • Want to fly in a helicopter? Contact Star Helicopters! 310-363-7849 Located at 3670 W 120th St at the Hawthorne Municipal Airport
  • Love the Beach Boys? Check out this cool monument at 3701 W 119th St
  • Want to learn more history about Hawthorne? Stop by the Hawthorne Museum 12622 Grevillea Ave or call 310-720-0675
  • Want to just get some energy out? How about the Hangar 18 Climbing Gym? 4926 W Rosencrans Ave 310-973-3388

Hawthorne has a city area of 6.1 square miles according to the US Census Bureau. 99% of it is land! North of Hawthorne you will find the community of Athens, as well as the city of Gardena. South of Hawthorne you will find the city of El Camino Village. Also south you will find Lawndale and Redondo Beach. Manhattan Beach can be found in the southwest corner of Hawthorne, while El Segundo is to the west. Del Aire actually surrounds Hawthorne on 3 different sides!

Even though Hawthorne is only 5 miles from the LA International Airport, the traffic and congestion of LA county is still a major factor. A typical 5-mile drive will take you much longer due to the number of people!

Hawthorne has 2 zip codes-90250 and 90251. Also, it has 2 area codes, with most of county being 310, but part of Northeastern area is 323.

The 105 is a large interstate the runs along the northern edge of Hawthorne, and the 405 interstate follows the western part.

Hawthorne is a generally pleasant area and very similar to Los Angeles. It has a Mediterranean climate with little rain and lots of sunshine. The winters are also mild!