I Need Cash Now! Are There Any Title Pawns Near Me?

We’ve all found ourselves in a tricky situation financially where we need money quickly.  Fortunately, there are options out there if you need cash quickly.  One of these options is a title pawn.  What is a title pawn and how do they work?  A title pawn is another word for a auto collateral loan.  Here is how they work:

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A title pawn will be based on the equity in your vehicle.  To find if you can get a title pawn near me click here to learn more.  The requirements will generally be as follows:

  • A car that has under 200,000 miles on it–unless it is a diesel vehicle (and even then it is no guarantee it will qualify)
  • Full coverage insurance on the vehicle, because the lender is taking a financial interest in your property and if the vehicle is damaged or totaled will want restitution
  • Identification to prove who you are
  • Income of at least $1,200 a month that you can verify
  • Having the current title in your possession
  • A vehicle that qualifies.  Generally, vehicles need to have equity in them to get a car title loan unless you are going to use the title loan to pay off the current loan.  A title pawn will generally have a higher interest rate than your current loan.

If you need cash now there are other options to get it quickly, but a title pawn is one of the fastest ways.  You can have bad credit, a bankruptcy in your past, a foreclosure, and other unpaid bills, and you still may qualify for title pawn loan in California.  In California the minimum loan amount you can get for an uncapped interest title loan is $2,500. Unless your vehicle qualifies for a low vehicle loan amount, you will generally need to have at least 40% or more equity in your car or truck for a title pawn.  Lenders do not want to risk money unnecessarily, so since your vehicle goes down in value on almost a daily basis, the lender does not want to lose money on the car if they have to repossess the car.

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