Interesting and fun things to do in San Diego

Are you looking for interesting and fun things to do in San Diego? If so, you’ve found the right place!  This article is going to be a valuable resource for you.  Best of all these things should not cost you a lot of money, but if you need a fast San Diego, California loan we’ve got you covered.

Fun and free or very inexpensive things you can do in San Diego, California:

  • First, San Diego has some of the best beaches in the world.  They are clean, pretty, and the beach of Coronado is ranked consistently as a top 10 beach in the world.
  • Next up is visiting La Jolla, Cove.  There are amazing sunsets in La Jolla, and seeing a sunset from La Jolla Cove can make your trip to San Diego well worth it–just for this.
  • San Diego’s Seaport Village and the San Diego bay is also an awesome experience.  There are many restaurants you can go out to eat at, and you can relax in the grass and watch the boats or yacht sail past you.
  • The Gas Lamp District in San Diego is also an amazing experience It has dozens of restaurants and a very friendly and laid back atmosphere where you can get a bite to eat, or you can get dessert, coffee, or an adult beverage.
  • Mission Bay Park is a 4,600 acre park where people get together to fly kites into the ocean breezes.   You will definitely want to check this out as it is an amazing thing to do.
  • If you like music, or even if you don’t like music, you should check out the organ at Spreckels Organ Pavillion.  Every Sunday at 2pm they have live music that is played from a giant pipe organ that is very old.  Bring an umbrella–not because of rain, but because you may need the shade!
  • Old Town San Diego is also a big tourist attraction.  You can learn about the history of San Diego, visit historic buildings, discover a blacksmith shop, look at old horse stables, and see the oldest schoolhouse in San Diego.
  • If you like sports you can visit the United States Olympic Training Center.
  • Torrey Pines State Beach is a beautiful state park where you an watch hang gliders do amazing tricks.
  • The Tijuana Estuary has many birds.  Did you know that San Diego has over 400 species of birds that call San Diego home year round?   San Diego County also has spring and fall migrations.
  • Balboa Park is also an amazing place to visit.  There are 15 museums you can visit and different museums are free on different days.

More about San Diego:

This is just a tiny list of what you can do in and around San Diego, California.  The area is very laid back with a Mediterranean Climate.  Due to the Naval base close to Coronado, there is a lot of sea ships that come and go. Finally, check out Imperial Beach…which is located just south of San Diego.  It is the city that is at the most south western tip of the United States.  From there you can actually see Tijuana.