Discover the Best Coffee Shops in San Jose, CA

San Jose, California is the third largest city in California and home to a vibrant cafe culture. Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee or a place to relax with friends, these five coffee shops are worth checking out. Our website listed below will help you explore each one in greater detail.

Oddi’s Cafe

Oddi’s Cafe is an independent cafe serving specialty coffee drinks from around the world. The baristas here are passionate about quality and take great pride in crafting drinks that are sure to delight any palate. Oddi’s Cafe also offers an assortment of bakery items and light food options like salads and sandwiches.

The coffee cup

The Coffee Cup has been around since 1967 and is one of the oldest and most beloved cafes in San Jose. In addition to their delicious coffees, they offer a wide selection of pastries, muffins, donuts, and other treats that go perfectly with their brews. Plus, they have plenty of outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy their coffee outdoors!

7 Leaves Cafe

7 Leaves Cafe is another popular spot for coffee lovers in San Jose. They specialize in Vietnamese-style drip coffees as well as espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. The atmosphere at 7 Leaves Cafe is cozy and inviting – it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee!

Cafe do Canto

Cafe do Canto is an eclectic cafe located near downtown San Jose that serves Brazilian-inspired coffee drinks like cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and more. They also have an extensive menu featuring traditional Brazilian dishes such as feijoada (black beans stew) and acarajé (deep-fried black-eyed peas), as well as various pastries like pão de queijo (cheese bread).

Oh my Boba

Oh My Boba is a popular bubble tea shop located near Santa Clara University that specializes in milk teas with tapioca pearls or “bubbles” added to them. In addition to bubble teas, they offer smoothies made with fresh fruits and juices as well as espresso beverages like macchiatos and lattes topped with boba bubbles!

No matter what type of coffee you prefer – from traditional drip coffees to bubble teas – you’ll find something for everyone at these five amazing cafes in San Jose. So grab your favorite mug and head over for some quality time spent sipping on your favorite beverage!

Our website listed above will help you explore each one of these unique cafes in greater detail so be sure to check it out before planning your next visit!

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