Tips for Maintaining the Value of Your Car

Tips for Maintaining the Value of Your Car

Your Car’s Value Can Help You Get a Title Loan

Purchasing a vehicle, whether new or used, typically carries with it a degree of excitement. A brand new ride means a fresh start for some, while others fulfill a long-standing goal of getting the keys to their dream car.

However, one aspect of car-buying that is often overlooked revolves around the question, how fast do cars depreciate? Not maintaining the value of your car could mean less payoff down the road, so it is important to understand depreciation and then take steps toward keeping your car’s value for as long as you own it.

Understanding Depreciation

car title loans in californiaEven though you invest time and money in getting the vehicle you want, as soon as you drive off the lot, your car loses a portion of its value, known as depreciation. Every mile you add to your vehicle, every scratch or dent that rears its ugly head, and every missed oil change has the potential to drag down your car’s value.

For some, vehicles are not viewed as a valuable asset, but keeping your car’s worth means it can be used as collateral for a loan, to earn extra income, or as a trade-in for another vehicle in the future. Each of these circumstances makes it necessary to improve car value by fighting off unnecessary depreciation of your beloved ride.

Keep it Clean

If you’re thinking about how to keep value in a car, start by keeping it clean. It may seem like common sense to run your car through the car wash every now and again, but maintaining a clean interior lends a hand in keeping your car’s value, too. Seat covers can be a smart investment for maintaining the value of your car, as can professional detailing every few months.

Avoid eating while in your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about hard-to-clean spills, and if you smoke, consider doing so outside your vehicle. These small steps are easy, effective methods for maintaining the value of your car from the start.

Don’t Skip Maintenance

Every vehicle requires maintenance, whether that’s a regularly scheduled oil change or new brakes or tires. Although you might be tempted to skip maintenance due to a cash flow shortage or a busy schedule, avoiding service for any reason is a step in the wrong direction when you’re thinking about how to keep value in a car.

Instead, be diligent about getting necessary maintenance completed as soon as you are able, and set reminders for yourself when it comes to routine upkeep, so you don’t forget. Having a vehicle that runs well is just as important to its overall value as keeping it clean.

Small Changes Make a Difference

If you’re attempting to improve car value in other ways, you may want to consider getting small dings, dents, and scratches fixed. Whether you’re using your car for a loan or planning to sell, the overall value of your vehicle depreciates when cosmetic imperfections are noticeable.

Repairing small exterior issues doesn’t typically cost an arm and a leg, and that small investment goes a long way toward maintaining the value of your car. Similarly, keeping your mileage low, parking in the shade, and making sure even the small parts of the vehicle function properly ensure you are keeping your car’s value as high as it can be.

Applying for a California Title Loan

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